Joseph G. Kopsky

Joseph G. Kopsky

Inducted in 2001 for Veteran Road & Track Competitor (Pre-1945)

Biography (1875 – 1974)
Born, Nov. 4, 1875 in New York City. He was a member of the League of American Wheelmen, riding many high-wheel bicycle races. Was one of the founders of the Century Road Club of America. Was a member of the 1912 Olympic Road Team held in Stockholm, Sweden. The team won a Bronze Medal, the first USA bicycling medal. On May 5, 1912 he set a record for 150 miles in 8:26.27. He established 4 National Road records before he entered the “Six-Day racing” field. He rode in every six-day race held in Chicago and New York from 1913 to 1925. (35 races)

Joseph Kopsky

Kopsky Bandaged

He was active in competition until the age of 49. When he retired from racing he owned and operated a bicycle shop and engineered racing equipment. Started the North Hudson Wheelmen and the Belleville Bicycle Club and trained many local riders. After WWII moved to Miami, Florida.