Nancy Neiman Baranet

Nancy Neiman Baranet

Inducted in 1992 for Contributor

Nancy Neiman Baranet (pictured on the left in the photo) grew up in Detroit, Michigan and reined as the U.S. National Woman’s Champion in 1953, 1954, 1956 and 1957. She was the first American woman to compete in a European stage race and the first to win a criterium race in France. She also tied the world 200 meter record in 1956.

Nancy Neiman Baranet cornering during the 1956 Criterium Cycliste Feminin with Joan Poole Mille Robinson

Nancy Neiman Baranet (far right) along with English national team riders Joan Poole (leading) and Millie Robinson (center) during the 1956 Criterium Cycliste Feminin 

Baranet’s 1964 book The Turned Down Bar detailed her experiences in the renowned 8-day French road race, The Criterium Cycliste Feminin Lyonaise-Auvergne of 1956. During that era, many felt that stage races were too rugged for women.  Also at the time, there were no stage races being held for men or women in the U.S.   Baranet pushed the UCI to introduce women’s divisions in the world’s cycling championships which came to fruition in 1958.

Nancy served as Director and national secretary and treasurer of the Amateur Bicycle League of America (ABL of A), and for 21 years was a member of the ABL of A and the US Cycling Federation.

1957 National Champion Nancy Neiman Baranet (center) with Jack Disney on left (1988 HOF Inductee) and Perry Metzler