Oliver "Butch" Martin

Oliver “Butch” Martin

Inducted in 2005 for Modern Road & Track Competitor (1945-1975)

Martin competed from 1963 to 1973. He was a member of the 1964 (4000 meter Pursuit Team) and 1968 (100 K Team Time Trial) Olympic Teams. In 1971 was a member of the U.S. (100 K Team Time Trial) Pan American Team. Competed in Europe in 1965 and 1966 winning four races, 11 2nd places and 26 top five placings. He won more than 50 races in his career that also included international wins in Italy, Canada and Mexico.
Martin began his coaching career in 1974. Later that year he coached the 1974 Montreal World’s Championship men’s U.S. 100 K Team Time Trial to ninth place, which represented a breakthrough for U.S. men at the worlds. Martin was the first U.S. National Road Coach for the USCF from 1975 to 1977. In 1976 Martin coached the U.S. Road Team at the Montreal Olympic Games and produced another breakthrough result with George Mount’s sixth place in the Individual Road Race. In 1977 Martin coached the U.S. team at the World Championships in Venezuela with Connie Carpenter taking a silver medal in the women’s road race and Mark Pringle a 10th in the men’s event.Oliver Martin display info
Martin, for a number of years was also involved in some of the largest and most prestigious events held in this country. He was Race Director of the 1988, 1989 Tour of the Americas. Many of the world’s top professional teams and riders participated including Greg Lemond, Stephen Roche, and Pedro Delgado…All Tour de France winners. In 1990 Martin was Race Director of the U.S. National Road Championships held in Albany, NY. In 1993 was Race Director of the West Virginia Mountain Classic. Martin was also a Board of Director of USPro, the former governing body of U.S. professional racing. Martin resides in Portland, Oregon.

1963 – Joined Unione Sportiva Italiana (USI) at age 16
1964 – Qualified for the US Olympic Cycling Team (4000 meter Pursuit Team)
1968 – Qualified for the US Olympic Cycling Team (100 Km Team Time Trial)
1971 – Member of the US Pan American Team (100 Km Team Time Trial)
1974 – Montreal World Championships :: Coached Men’s US 100 K Team Time Trial (Team took 9th)
1975, 76, 77 – US National Road Coach for USCF
1976 – Olympic Games in Montreal – Coached US Road Team :: George Mount took 6th in Road Race
1977 – Venezuela World Championships – Coached US Team :: Connie Carpenter took 2nd in women’s road race