Peter Rich

2023 Inductee:  Contributor

Peter Rich has been someone behind the scenes in bicycling who has been recognized as an influential visionary. From

Velo-Sport Van

founding a newsletter that became “Bicycling Magazine” to starting the first international stage race in the US (the first Tour of California stage race), Rich pioneered many ideas for modern cycling for the US. He developed, mentored, and supported a number of crucial American champion cyclists as well as pioneered radical (at the time) training ideas such as cross-training with weight training for road cyclists. 


  • 1961 – Founded NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CYCLING – the newsletter that eventually became Bicycling Magazine.
  • 1971 – Created the original Tour of California, the first international stage race in the US. (8 days, 10 stages)
  • 1956 – Organized the Berkeley Wheelmen and Velo Club Berkeley, currently the Berkeley Bicycle Club
  • 1957 – Produced what is now the second oldest road race in the US, the Berkeley Hills Race
  • 1962-1965 – Served on the ABLA (now USAC) Board of Directors
  • 1960s – Organized and sponsored several annual cyclocross races, including the National Cyclocross Championships.
  • 1962 – After being mentored as a young racer by the likes of Oscar Juner and Spence Wolf, and competing in Europe, he opened a bike shop in Berkeley in 1962 at the age of 21 while also serving as a police officer. Bike frames and bikes were created and sold from Velo Sport until 2012
  • Mentored the start of the careers of George Mount, Mike Neel, and Dave Brink amongst others.
  • When racing frames were very scarce, he began importing Masi and Colnago bikes into the US for the first time
  • Hired Albert Eisentraut to build US-made racing frames, who also mentored many custom frame builders and built bikes for many top American riders including many HOF inductees.

Peter Starke Rich was born on July 25, 1940 and passed away on August 3, 2023 at the age of 83.