1973 Tour of Ireland

Raleigh Century Road Club of America

2023 Inductee:  Special Recognition

The USBHOF’s special recognition celebrates the tremendous results of the entire Raleigh-CRC of A team in the early 1970’s as they raced in some of the first international cycling competitions of the post World War II era. The team’s riders, results and tactics brought increased legitimacy and attention to US road racing as it performed on the international stage with transformative sponsorship by an English bicycle company.

With sponsorship from an English bicycle company, the Raleigh-CRC of A team helped to jump-start modern American road racing. As a result of that team’s 1973 successes, the governing Amateur Bicycle League of America allowed Schwinn, Gitane, Peugeot and other bike companies and corporations to sponsor US racing clubs in 1974.

The team’s riders were more aggressive than other US riders as they repeatedly attacked while trying to break away from other racers. This stretched out the pack and resulted in a faster overall race pace. The Raleigh-CRC of A team’s tactics and improved training helped overwhelm the prevailing “stick-and-kick” era when everyone would “stick” together in the peloton, only speeding up or “kicking” near the finish line.

CRCof A Raleigh Boys

CRC of A Raleigh Boys. Fred Kuhn on far left. Photo Courtesy Marie Kuhn

Raleigh-CRC of A team members included: John Allis, John Howard, Flip Waldteufel, Stan Swaim, Dave Chauner, John Gromek, Doug Dale, Jim Heutter, Bill Humphreys, Bobby Phillips, Richard Dunn, Allan Bell, Craig Kissock, Dave Boll and John Bare. Fred Kuhn, the owner of Kopp’s Cycles in Princeton, New Jersey, assembled and supported the team. In the intervening years some team members have individually been inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Color Photo: Team at the 1973 Tour of Ireland.  L to R: Manager  Albert H., John Howard, Bill Humphreys, John Allis, and Stan Swaim. Photo courtesy of Bill Humphreys