Tim Mountford

Tim Mountford

Veteran Road & Track Competitor

Inducted 2017

Tim Mountford had a twelve year international racing career during the 1960’s and 70’s. A ferocious sprinter who excelled in a variety of disciplines, Tim placed 10th in the sprints at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City and competed with Jack Disney in the tandem sprints at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

At the 1967 Pan American Games, he won a bronze medal in the 10 mile event.  Tim dominated Men’s Sprints at the US National Championships winning gold in 1969, silver in 1968 and bronze in 1966 and 67. 

Tim demonstrated his endurance by racing in 4 individual and team events at the 1970 World Amateur Sprint Track Championships.

Mountford was part of four different Pro teams: The Dutch Seiko Watch and Canada Dry teams, the TI Raleigh Bicycle team and the Shimano USA team. 

Tim was famous for his racing versatility He competed in track sprint and omnium events, criterium road races, Madison races, and motor-paced races. 

His passion was the winter indoor Six Day track races were he raced a total of sixteen races from 1971 to 74 sometimes teaming with fellow American racer Jack Simes. It was the most ridden by any American rider since the 1940’s when Six Day racing was hugely popular in America. 

In 1978 he was the first coach of the first USOC Olympic Training Center then located at Squaw Valley, CA. Tim went on to open three bicycle stores in Silicon Valley and sponsored a triathlon team and a BMX team. He became a youth sports coach, a church youth leader and a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America.  

Tim Mountford Career highlights (partial listing):

  • 1964 Olympic Games – Tandem Sprints (w/ Jack Disney)
  • 1968 Olympic Games – Sprints, 10th
  • 1967 Pan American Games – 10 mile, 3rd
  • 1969 World Track Championships – Tandem Sprints (w/ Jackie Simes III) 
  • 1970 World Amateur Track Championships Team Member in four events: Sprints, 1000m TT, Tandem Sprints (w/ Skip Cutting), Team Pursuit (w/ John Vande Velde, Dave Chauner, Chris Halsey)
  • 1971 World Professional Track Championships – Sprint, Reached 1/4 Final
  • 1972 World Professional Track Championships – Sprint, Reached 1/4 Final
  • 1973 World Professional Track Championships – Championship Motor Pace – Revenge, 5th 
  • 1962-1968 State Track Championships, Encino, CA – Sprint, 1st (7x), 10 Mile, 1st (7x)

National Championships (1966-69)

  • 1966-1967 National Track Championships – Amateur Sprints, 3rd 
  • 1968 National Track Championships – Amateur Sprints, 2nd
  • 1969 National Track Championships – Amateur Sprints, 1st 

European Championships (1971-73) 

  • Omnium, Köln, Germany, 7th 
  • Sprints, Rotterdam, Holland, 4th 
  • Stayer, Dortmund, Germany, 5th 
  • Derney, Antwerp, Belgium DNF Derney, Rotterdam, Holland, 12th 

Six Day

  • 1973 Six Day, Los Angeles, w/ Dieter Kemper, 2nd
  • 1973 Six Day, Detroit, w/ A. Fritz, 3rd
  • Finished 14 additional Six Day races, the most raced by any American since the 1940s.