Nomination Process

The foundation of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame is built upon the recognition of the competitors and contributors to the sport of cycling. Since 1987, there has been an annual induction of Americans who have achieved tremendous success in racing or who have enhanced the sport of cycling through their lifelong efforts. Nominee consideration looks at achievements that have made significant and extraordinary contributions to the sport of competitive bicycle racing.

Inductees are selected from one of two categories:

  1. Competitors: Success at the national & international levels is required to achieve selection.
  2. Contributors: Advanced the sport through contributions in the areas of equipment, coaching, and overall promotion of the competitive sport.

Nominees may come from all disciplines of the sport including

  1. Road & Track
  2. Cyclo-cross
  3. Mountain Biking
  4. BMX

Categories for the Current Year

  1. Veteran: Road and Track – 35 or more years prior to year of nomination.
  2. Modern: Road and Track – 34 to 5 years prior to year of nomination.
  3. Off Road (including BMX, Cyclo-cross and Mountain Biking) – minimum 5 years prior to the year of nomination
  4. Contributor to the Sport (any discipline)

Results used for consideration for nominations should end at least 5 years before nomination. Masters, Juniors, and other non-elite results are not considered in the voting.

What makes someone a good candidate for the Hall of Fame?

A characteristic of athletes in the Hall of Fame is that they have achieved success at a high level of international competition. Not only were they winning multiple national championships, they were also medaling or in close competition to medal at the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Games, World Cups, Six Days and other international competitions. Their successes shine individually outside of team events. Though junior and master successes are interesting to note, they are not a factor for nomination to the Hall nor are they put on the ballot information. Keep in mind that a racer must be retired from elite or international racing for at least five years in order to be nominated. For instance, a racer who races an elite UCI cyclocross race even though they are master age would postpone their eligibility another five years.

Contributors elected to the Hall of Fame have each impacted cycling in a way that reaches beyond their own region or event. They have made contributions to the sport nationally and internationally that have helped support or better US cyclists performances around the world. Contributor candidates are those who have created bicycle inventions or infrastructure that have directly impacted bicycle racing in the whole of the US in a significant way.

Authority to Nominate

  1. Anyone can nominate a candidate, but must provide supporting documentation of the nominee’s accomplishments in order for the nominee to be considered for placement on the ballot. Please be as complete as possible and document major accomplishments. A list of what are considered a nominee’s top 10 accomplishments is a good start.
  2. Submitted documents will not be returned and are retained as part of the Hall of Fame’s archives. Please submit copies of materials you wish to keep.

Balloting & Voting Process

  1. Submissions may be sent at any time.
  2. Be sure to review the Hall of Fame Ethics Standards Guidelines
  3. Complete submissions must be received by March 31st for consideration for the year submitted. Entries received after March 31st will be reviewed for the following year’s ballot.
  4. The Inductee Selection Committee may ask for more detailed documents and information for a submission and this may delay consideration until the following year’s ballot.
  5. The USBHOF Inductee Selection Committee will assemble the ballot from the qualified applications submitted. Again, documentation of accomplishments is critical to the process.
  6. Each Category is represented on its own ballot.
  7. Ballots are distributed to a group of pre-qualified voters including past inductees, leaders in the cycling industry, media representatives and key players from the sport’s governing bodies across all disciplines of the sport.
  8. The votes are tallied and the new class of inductees are notified and invited to the annual Induction Ceremony which is open for public attendance and provides the opportunity to meet and greet America’s cycling greats.


Submitting Nomination Forms

Email completed nomination forms to:

– or –

Mail completed nomination forms (business letter or foldable 9″ x 12″ envelope only) via United States Postal Service to:

U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame
Attn: Nomination & Selection Committee
303 3rd St
Davis, CA 95616

Contact: to make special arrangements if sending a package or items that are not bendable to fit in a mailbox.


Voting & Selection

The USBHOF Nomination & Selection Committee assembles the ballot from the qualified applications submitted. No more than 10 nominees may appear on a ballot in any category in a given year. Ballots are distributed to a group of pre-qualified voters including past inductees, leaders in the cycling industry, media representatives and key players from the sport’s governing bodies across all disciplines of the sport. The votes are tallied and the new class of inductees are notified and invited to the annual Induction held every fall.

I sent in a nominee to be considered. What happens now?

Sending a nomination to the email address for the Nominating Committee provides a copy of your nomination to each of the Committee members. A member may follow up with you for more information if needed. The Committee goes over the nominations yearly, and those with complete materials who meet the criteria for placement on the ballot may be added to the current year’s ballot if there is space (10 is the limit on the ballot). If incomplete information is received, even a strong candidate may be postponed to a future year’s ballot to give the committee time to help gather supporting information to warrant that candidate’s placement on the ballot.

I submitted a nominee but haven’t heard any kind of response. What happened?

The committee sometimes receives a large number of nominations and wants each athlete or contributor who is added to the ballot to have a complete story for the best chance of receiving votes. While a very strong nomination with comprehensive supporting documentation will likely go through the committee smoothly and straight to the current year ballot if there is room, many athlete nominations still require additional documentation that can delay an athlete’s or contributor’s inclusion on the ballot. It is possible there is not room on the current ballot in which case the nomination will be added at a later date. It’s also possible that an athlete may not yet qualify due to the amount of years outside of elite competition. For some athletes, even though they may have been successful, the committee may decide the accomplishments may just not measure up to those currently on the ballot. For some contributors, though they may have made an impact in a particular region, or their reach may not have been outside of their area, the committee may decide they are not qualified to be put on the ballot.

Annual Induction Ceremony

The annual Induction Ceremony is usually held in November in Davis, CA, home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.  Due to the restrictions on large events due to the COVID-19 outbreak, plans for the 2020 Induction are on hold at the present time.

Individual tickets can be purchased in advance at the USBHOF online store. Early-bird ticket sales will be available beginning in the summer and advance purchase is recommended as event seating is anticipated to sell-out.

Sponsorships and corporate table purchases will also be available for the event.

For more information, contact: